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Self Storage - We are keeping your property safe

Wide range
of storage spaces

Cells and containers for rent.
Areas from 1 m2.

is our priority

Constant monitoring and insurance of your stored things.

for everyone

Our offer is addressed to private individuals and companies.

lease conditions

Rent for a week or for several years. Cancel at any time.


Access to the warehouse 24h,
7 days a week.

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Czternaście lokalizacji w całej Polsce

Bielany Wrocławskie

ul. Szwedzka 1

55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie
(Gmina Kobierzyce), Poland


ul. Filmowa 8

85-836 Bydgoszcz


ul. Wrocławska 216

62-800 Kalisz

ul. Toruńska 7

59-220 Legnica


ul. Szarych Szeregów 53

60-476 Poznań


ul. Druskienicka 8/10

60-476 Poznań


ul. Bukowska 8

62-801 Wysogotowo


ul. Gdańska 14C

70-661 Szczecin


ul. Długosza 12

52-014 Wrocław


ul. Karmelkowa 29

52-436 Wrocław


ul. Krzywoustego 58

51-165 Wrocław


ul. Opolska 178

52-014 Wrocław

wkrótce otwarcie

ul. Zamkowa 1

41-803 Zabrze

Zielona Góra
wkrótce otwarcie

ul. Chemiczna 3

65-713 Zielona Góra

Wkrótce kolejne lokalizacje
coming soon..

What are Self Storage magazines?

Self Storage, also called cells or boxes for rent,
are self-service warehouses with a relatively small area, rented for a limited time to private individuals,
as well as companies and enterprises.

The diverse area of available warehouses and containers and the flexible rental period allow the best selection of the rented warehouse, according to the customer's needs.

Self Storage.
Whom do we address our offer to?

Renting a Self Storage is an ideal solution primarily for private individuals looking for a way to store items that lack space in the home or apartment.

This way you can store e.g. tourist equipment, bicycles, motorbikes or scooters, various types of collections and collections, book collections, furniture and all those things and objects that we use seasonally, or which we do not use every day with which for other reasons, it's hard for us to part. In our self-service magazines you can also store furniture for renovation or deposit valuable items of equipment for your home or apartment during your trip or vacation.

Institutional clients can also benefit from our offers. Due to the flexible lease time and diverse space, self-service warehouses are even created for small companies that need a small storage space for various purposes, often only periodically when long-term rental of a large warehouse is not economically justified.

All kinds of documents, promotional and advertising materials, samples of goods, occasional office furniture etc. will find their place in Self Storage .

Advantages of self-service magazines
Self Storage

Self Storage posiadają wiele niezaprzeczalnych zalet. Decydując się na skorzystanie z naszych usług, klient zyskuje w nieskomplikowany sposób dodatkową powierzchnię magazynową, do której posiada dostęp przez dwadzieścia cztery godziny na dobę, przez siedem dni w tygodniu.

The great advantage of self-service warehouses is the extremely low rental price compared to traditional warehouses.

Here you do not need to rent the entire huge room, building or hall - we choose a box with an area best suited to our purposes and needs. And you can start from just one square meter!

The safety of Self Storage items is also of great importance. The client does not have to worry about the strength of the locks or look for a security company. Our Self Storage warehouses are monitored and protected around the clock.

We also ensure full privacy for those using our storage boxes and containers - only the customer has access to the rented warehouse.

The stability of conditions in our warehouses is also important. The constant temperature or humidity of the air enables safe storage of e.g. documents or wooden furniture, without fear of damage or destruction.


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