What can we offer you?

Self-service warehouses in
Bydgoszczy, Kaliszu, Legnicy, Poznaniu, Szczecinie, Wrocławiu i Zabrzu

Areas in Stokado self-service facilities

Internal warehouses

External warehouses

Who is the offer for?

Storage for home

Do you have a small apartment and do not have space for a bicycle, scooter or old books? Are you moving abroad, selling an apartment or do you need to store some items somewhere during renovation?

Most of us lack space! We ensure the safety of your items in a convenient and secure warehouse. The rental periods are flexible and only you will have access to the cell immediately after signing the contract.

Storage for business

Your business is growing and there is not enough space for archives, tools, promotional materials or seasonal goods? Are you a law firm that wants to save files with old documents?

Regardless of whether you are an international corporation or you run a small business, we will certainly find the right space for you!

Additional services


For our clients, we can organize moving and transporting things to our warehouses. Our offer includes a wide range of transport and transportation services.

Receipt of shipments

Our employees will help, if necessary, pick up a parcel that we will store in a safe place. We can also send a parcel.

Packaging materials

In our warehouses you can buy all materials that help in packing, storing or moving things. Our offer includes cartons, wrapping tapes, strings, foils, gloves and a number of other accessories.


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